Need specific help? Check out these special ops professionals

Educational Consultants

Dr. Jessica Romeyn

Need help finding an educational or residential placement? Put Dr. Romeyn on your speed dial. Personally familiar with over 300 placements in the US, Dr. Romeyn's boots on the ground approach is like no other. If you're confused on what an educational consultant does, read more about it here and check out our interview.

Educational Therapists

Melody Valenzuela

Also known as the "swiss army knife" of education, Melody is a smart, passionate, and creative educational therapist. Don't know what an Educational Therapist is? Read about it here or check out our interview 👇🏼.



Dr. Oren Boxer

Dr. Boxer is a Pediatric Neuropsychologist. If you need a really comprehensive neuropsychological assessment for your kiddo, basically an IRL GPS for life, he's your guy. He's also your guy if you're into Mario Kart battles, Tetris, and ping pong. No really, you get to have fun when you meet with him. Not sure if you need a neuropsychological assessment? Read about our interview here or check out our interview below.


Speech and Language Pathologists/Therapists

Justine Navid Mufson

With an open heart and eager mind, Justine's passion is to bring people together, to give people a voice (in any shape or form), and to use language as the ultimate human connector. While she enjoys working with teens and adults, she really digs supporting children and their family systems. You can read more about Justine here and get to know her by watching our interview.

Specialized Schools

Bespoke schools that fit the bill for non-traditional learners

Fusion Academy

Fusion academy is a private school that offers individually tailored one-to-one teaching for middle and high school students. I interviewed Danielle Ryckman, Head of School of the Pasadena campus. Check out interview highlights here or watch the interview linked below.


Transition Programs (non-residential)

Post-Secondary programs that give students extra time and nurturing to build learning, working, and living skills while living at home

College To Career (C2C)

AbilityFirst's College to Career program is community-based and works in partnership with the Pasadena Community College to support students to bolster independence and achieve academic and career goals. Read about my interview with Kelly Privitt here or watch the interview for more information.



Nebraska Transition College (NTC)

An emergent start-up transition program that can fit in your pocket and focuses on building life skills. Read about my interview with Dr. Stofferahn and Jessi Sandberg here or watch my interview below👇🏼.

Transition Programs (residential)

Post-Secondary programs where adults live away from home and are supported in a comprehensive program.

Brightstone Transitions

Located in Gainesville, GA, Brightstone Transitions is a residential program for young adults (18-26yo) with Autism Spectrum Disorders (level 1). Utilizing a community-based mentoring model, Brightstone staff are able to provide responsive in-the-moment coaching where it counts the most, helping adults achieve their maximum independence. To find out more about Brightstone Transitions, watch my interview with Jill or read my post

 Moving Forward Towards Independence 

Situated in charming Napa, CA, Moving Forward focuses on supporting adults with a wide range of abilities who are non-college-bound. The individual potential of each resident is a key component, with active opportunities and support in the vocational and social skills areas. Read about my interview with Rhonda Daniels, Executive Director of Moving Forward, here or watch the interview for more information.

Scenicview Academy

Located in Provo, Utah, Scenicview Academy is a non-profit school for young adults (18-30yo) with Autism Spectrum and Learning Disorders. Scenicview is laser-focused on promoting the highest level of independence for each of their students and their program lives this mission by specifically focusing on living, working, and thriving. Read about my interview with Alex Johnson, Admissions and Business Development Director of Scenicview Academy, or watch the interview for more information.



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