What is a Therapeutic & Educational Consultant? An Interview with Dr. Jessica Romeyn

Boots on the Ground

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome Dr. Jessica Romeyn to the disABLED+Empowered channel. Jessica and I go waaaay back. We met during our internship year of training, where we both cut our professional teeth. Even back then, Jessica was passionate, savvy, vibrant, and wickedly smart. 

In this interview, we get into what a Therapeutic and Educational Consultant is. I continue to meet plenty of people that don't know what this type of consultant is or that they even exist. Enter, Jessica. She helps me add some definition to this newer professional specialty. Spoiler? Educational Consultants are professionals who help individuals and families find the right school, college, or program when traditional approaches or settings aren't working. Jessica adds the "Therapeutic" title because she brings clinical training to the role and is an expert at supporting individuals with mental illness or dual diagnoses. 

If you watch or listen to the interview, it's easy to see how much Jessica loves her job. She decided to give up the stuffy meeting-clients-in-the-office gig, trading it in for visiting clients and their families in their home, where she gets quickly vetted by the family dog. You also get a quick sense of how much integrity she puts behind her recommendations. Anyone that has been with Jessica on a tour of a program knows that she literally pulls back the sheets and opens fridges, using these moments as litmus tests to quickly evaluate a program's commitment to the small things. Jessica would know that these seemingly small actions mean big things. She used to run a residential placement. 

Programs are opportunities

Aside from her comprehensive knowledge of over 300 programs, Jessica is gifted at helping families navigate the rough waters. Being a parent herself, she knows how hard it might be to place someone's child in a program away from the family home. She immediately removes the stigma, reframing this action as giving opportunities vs. sending kids away, and only does this if she believes there to be a significant value. Through her own personalized evaluation that has been built over decades of applied experience, Jessica's thoughtful approach to placement leaves people feeling seen and with...hope.

You are not alone

Jessica wants people to know that "they are not alone" and that help is out there. If you find yourself needing an alternative to traditional school placement and have no idea where to start, reach out to Jessica. If you feel like your kiddo is complex, like, really complex, reach out to Jessica. Even if she isn't the right person to help, she will most likely know someone who can. 

I hope you enjoy this👇🏼 interview as much as I enjoy being around Jessica.   

Check out Jessica at The Romeyn Collective: https://theromeyncollective.com/

If you want to find an Independent Educational Consultant near you: https://www.iecaonline.com/

For a full transcript of our interview: https://www.meaningfulgrowth.com/dr-jessica-romeyn-transcript







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