What is a Speech and Language Therapist? An Interview with Justine Navid Mufson

Bring people towards each other

This is Justine's superpower. In my interview with Justine, who is a Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) or Therapist, she shares all the things that SLPs do and the pressure points that SLPs ease. Justine is passionate about eliciting connection through language and communication. She highlights communication subtleties like eye contact and smiling and how these little things elicit connection on a deeper level. Justine is obsessed with bringing people together and figuring out how to create a bespoke system for any kiddo and their family. 

Empower the system

Justine is all about building skills to close gaps. She and I have this in common as professionals and we jive with empowering all parts of a system -- moms, dads, siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, best friends...you get it. When everyone is involved, everyone is elevated. Skill-building communicates an unspoken message of hope. Despite delays or deficits, anyone can build skills at any time. No one is too young or too old to learn new skills. 

Voices aren't just heard

Justine addresses the stigma of communication as only being verbal. Through augmentative and alternative systems of communication, everyone can have a voice, even if it's through pictures or words. Justine finds a thrill in using her expertise and creativity to give everyone a voice to be understood. 

Language as the conduit for relationships

Our interview plays with the idea that language serves as a vehicle for relationships. I find it fascinating that two disciplines of work (speech and psychology) have a common goal - for people to experience closeness and connection, to be seen and heard, and to have their needs met. I'm always moved and changed by these interviews. They make me better. 

Big "thanks" to Justine for spending time with me!

Check out Justine on her website: https://www.justinemufson.com/. You can find all of her socials on her site. 

She also has a cool YouTube channel where she drops cool tips and tricks of the trade. 

Justine mentions a couple of books in our interview. My copy of More Than Words is worn and torn. The original book/program helped shape my mindset about language and communication and gave me practical tips/tools as a 1:1 interventionist (back in the day). 


You can find the full transcript of our interview here


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