Gwennyth Palafox, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist (PSY20494)

Dr. Palafox is a clinical psychologist who has been actively changing the lives of individuals with special needs for over the past two decades. Known for her engaging and direct style, Dr. Palafox brings compassion, humor, and honesty to her work. Dr. Palafox is passionate about promoting the happiness and wellbeing of adults with special needs, with an emphasis on reducing the friction of transition to adult life. Her expertise has been shared through local and global workshops, a TEDx event, serving as an expert witness, and in collaboration with other engaged professionals. She believes that creativity is the key in understanding and connecting with her clients, which often parlays perfectly with her love of Star Wars (Han Shot First), Harry Potter (Gryffindor), Doctor Who (10th Doctor), Princess Bride, Studio Ghibli, and Marvel (especially Captain America).