Hi, I'm Dr. Gwen Palafox

People also call me Dr. Gwen, Dr. P, and Gwen. When things get really serious, my full name, Gwennyth, is typically used (I try to avoid this at all costs). I'm a licensed psychologist who has been actively changing the lives of individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities for over two decades (stop trying to figure out my age). I'm laser-focused on promoting the happiness and wellbeing of disabled teens and adults and am lucky to support the families who love them. I'm a fierce ally of disabled individuals and their families. I've shared my expertise in local and global workshops, at a TEDx event, as an expert witness, and in collaboration with other engaged and radically awesome professionals. My clients are wonderfully complex, unique, and awesome. I've learned that out-of-the-box thinking, creativity, grit, and compassion are some of the best tools that I have. Well, next to my perfectly pitched love of Star Wars (Han shot first), Harry Potter (Gryffindor), Doctor Who (10th is the best), Princess Bride, Studio Ghibli, and Marvel (especially Captain America). 

Let's put this into hyperdrive! 

"Dr. Gwen is empathic, emotionally understanding, and extremely patient with her clients. Most notably, she lets her clients be themselves."

Former Client

"We used Dr. Palafox's services for an IEE for our daughter's transition assessment. Our teenage daughter is non-verbal and has highly complex medical, physical, and other needs. She also relies on technology in every area of her life. One of Dr. Palafox's gifts is her ability to form relationships with students and their families. First off, Dr. Palafox assumed competence from our daughter. She made our daughter feel comforable prior to delving into the assessment, which allowed Dr. P to capture information on our daughter's interests and future dreams that hadn't been explored through other assessments and reports. Dr. P treated our daughter as a capable young woman, respecting her by using age appropriate language and materials. She encouraged multiple ways for our daughter to express herself and answer questions, using technology, gestures, pictures, to name a few. Dr. P was kind, patient, and knew to give wait time, and so she was able to bring out answers from our daughter that in the past had been assumed not possible. Dr. P was able to make the people working with our daughter feel comfortable and valued, and she conveyed information in positive ways. She was instrumental in bridging the gap between what we as parents thought our daughter was capable of doing to what the school was saying she could and could not do. The transition assessment report and plan was accepted by all on the IEP team. Now if the team temporarily loses sight of the goals for our daughter, the team refers to Dr. Palafox's transition report and transition plan as a compass and guide. Our family is forever grateful for Dr. Palafox's services and for how she changed IEP team members' perceptions on our daughter's capabilities."


"Thank you for seeing me and helping me say what I need to say. You are the best!"

Former Client

"You give your heartfelt smile to the cause you love; to the kids you help; and to the lives you build. With your love, smile, and creativity, you guide Christopher to reach the Shangri-La within. Wherever you are, there is a path to paradise. Thank you!"


"Dr. Gwen is one of the knowledgeable and specialized psychologists we have worked with towards autism employment. What I appreciate most about Dr. Gwen is her seamless blend of knowledge, research and practice. She appraoches every problem with keen and critical analysis, data from research and publications, but always pairs it with tangible and practical solutions for her clients and partners. Her work is tried and true over her 20 years of expeirence in this field, yet carefully and thoughtfully customized for every client and partner she works with. We are so grateful for the thought leadership, subject matter expertise, and knowledge partnership she has provided to our organization. She has played a critical role in influencing our approach and practices for working with our neurodiverse community. Thank you, Dr. Gwen!"

Jessica Lee, The Spectrum Works

"I have had the distinct pleasure and good fortune of collaborating with Dr. Palafox over the past several years. She has proven time and time again to be an invaluable resource to the families and larger educational and clinical communities that I have been aligned with. When in doubt on an approach, a placement or even the most granular case management detail, Gwen is the first call I make. She is a true expert in working with clients with disabilities. Dr Palafox embodies equal parts intelligence and attention to detail with the unusual combination of being incredibly fun and relatable. "

Anya Perea, MSW

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