Hi, I'm Dr. Gwen Palafox

People also call me Dr. Gwen, Dr. P, and Gwen. When things get really serious, my full name, Gwennyth, is typically used (I try to avoid this at all costs). I'm a licensed psychologist who has been actively changing the lives of individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities for over two decades (stop trying to figure out my age). I'm laser-focused on promoting the happiness and wellbeing of teens and adults with disabilities and am lucky to support the families who love them. I'm a fierce ally of disabled individuals and their families. I've shared my expertise in local and global workshops, at a TEDx event, as an expert witness, and in collaboration with other engaged and radically awesome professionals. My clients are wonderfully complex, unique, and awesome. I've learned that out-of-the-box thinking, creativity, grit, and compassion are some of the best tools that I have. Well, next to my perfectly pitched love of Star Wars (Han shot first), Harry Potter (Gryffindor), Doctor Who (10th is the best), Princess Bride, Studio Ghibli, and Marvel (especially Captain America). 

Let's put this into hyperdrive! 


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