What is the College to Career Program? An Interview with Kelly Privitt

interviews programs youtube Jul 15, 2020

Yeah, this is gonna work

Well, this YouTube experiment is turning out to be a total win. I'm so grateful that the colleagues in my life are equally as (or maybe even more) adventurous as me. Enter Kelly Privitt, Director of AbilityFirst's College to Career (C2C) program, who graciously agreed to do one of these interviews. She knocks it out of the park by talking about empowering students with choice and allowing her students the dignity of risk. She gets personal, sharing her own learning profile and how her daughter, who allowed her mother to disclose that she has a disability on YouTube, is a total bada$$ at her job and shattering distribution records in corporate America. 

My intention with these YouTube videos has always been to provide high-quality information for free to the disabled community. I wanted everyone to have access to the amazing professionals and programs that I get to work with on a regular basis. It turns out that I'm also benefitting personally and professionally from this endeavor and am humbled by my colleagues. Every interview, this one included, has expanded my thinking, deepened my appreciation for this tribe, and well, is nudging me to be better. I love it. 

"Nothing about them without them" 

👆🏼Kelly's mantra at C2C. 'Nuf said. I'll let Kelly do the talking (she's more interesting)...enjoy! 


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If you're interested in AbilityFirst's College to Career Program, check out: https://www.abilityfirst.org/programs/#college-to-career

Reach out to Kelly directly at [email protected].

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Let's do this!