What is a Neuropsychologist? An Interview with Dr. Oren Boxer

Forging the lenses

So thrilled to welcome Dr. Oren Boxer to disABLED+Empowered. Oren is a pediatric neuropsychologist based in Pasadena, CA. In our interview, Oren defines what neuropsychologists do, which is understanding how the brain develops, forging the lenses by which individuals see the world. With thorough and systematic assessment, neuropsychologists gain an intimate and comprehensive view of how an individual's brain works. 

Creating roadmaps 

Results from neuropsychological assessments serve as road maps to efficiently support an individual. Admittedly biased, Oren believes that this information is critical for every individual to know about themselves. This information unlocks several IRL benefits. First, results help guide parents to know when discipline vs. support or formal intervention is needed. Second, it empowers individuals with information to advocate across all areas of life. These things are not only good for kids, but also a super boost for the entire family system.

There's an app for that

Ok, that was cheeky but hear me out. In the interview, Oren and I geek out about developmental appropriateness and executive functioning (EF). When we talk about EF, Oren uses the app, "Waze," as an example of what EF does for us in our everyday lives...getting to destinations as efficiently, and sometimes, as flexibly, as possible. If you aren't clear about what EF actually is, or looks like functionally, take a listen (timestamp @ 26:24). 

Diagnoses can be therapeutic

Oren is all about developing the most empowered and positive self-narrative and one of the ways to do this is to know thy self. He finds that putting a name to people's struggles is normalizing and empowering. In essence, naming the struggle blocks shame from forming and can replace it with being seen, understood, accepted, and thus, empowered. 

Oren has a gift to see what is not obvious. His fun and warm personality, mixed with his wicked expertise, remind me of learning from a favorite teacher I had in college. I feel so lucky to be able to call Oren a colleague.  

 If you are curious about whether a neuropsychological evaluation is right for you, or you want to contact Dr. Boxer, check out his website: https://www.orenboxerphd.com/

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