Promoting Inclusive Living for Disabled Adults with Julia Moluf from Best Buddies

In this episode, I interview Julia Moluf, Residential Manager at Best Buddies. I get an update on Best Buddies and what this infamous organization is up to these days. We do a deep dive into the Best Buddies Living Program and I learn about their living model and how it aims to promote the independence of disabled adults while keeping true to inclusion. Julia and I have a fun conversation about necessary mindsets to have when working in our community and discuss the importance of presuming competence and putting disabled adults front and center in their lives…which is exactly where they need to be.

To find out more about the Best Buddies Living Program, click here

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CLIMB | An Insider's View of a Residential Program for Visually Impaired and Developmentally Disabled Adults

We are family

CLIMB has been supporting the independent living of adults with visual impairments and developmental disabilities for over 35 years. Located in the quaint towns of Sierra Madre (CA) and Alhambra (CA), CLIMB offers residential living and day programming that empowers choices and promotes independence. In an interview with Alexis, Director of Operations, and Joanne and Janet, two long-term residents of CLIMB, I became more acquainted with this special and unique organization. Fun fact: I discovered that Alexis is the founder's daughter and that Joanne and Janet have known Alexis for the majority of her life. CLIMB continues to be family owned and operated today. 

More than a place to live

CLIMB is organized into two main arms. CLIMB-Inc. is the residential arm, while CLIMB Transition Services is the day program arm. CLIMB offers personalized residential living options, where adults can live with peers in houses or independently in apartments. Individuals can...

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What is Scenicview Academy? An Interview with Alex Johnson

Live. Work. Thrive.

Oh, let's also add empowered and confident. These words were heard, on repeat, during my interview with Alex Johnson, Admissions and Business Development Director of Scenicview Academy (SVA). 

SVA is a non-profit school for young adults (18-30yo) with Autism Spectrum and learning disorders. School at SVA doesn't look like your typical or traditional school. Classes are thoughtfully designed and crafted to meet the needs of each student and are conducted IRL in the community. SVA's learning philosophy is that experience is the best teacher, so students hit the ground running immediately with immersion and practice. 

Students don't have to be intimidated by the real-life pace or demands of the SVA program because of high staff ratios (fun fact: staff outnumbers students) and a dedicated Service Coordinator and Therapist, who are assigned to every student as part of their treatment team. Support staff are considered mentors and coaches to the...

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