CLIMB | An Insider's View of a Residential Program for Visually Impaired and Developmentally Disabled Adults

We are family

CLIMB has been supporting the independent living of adults with visual impairments and developmental disabilities for over 35 years. Located in the quaint towns of Sierra Madre (CA) and Alhambra (CA), CLIMB offers residential living and day programming that empowers choices and promotes independence. In an interview with Alexis, Director of Operations, and Joanne and Janet, two long-term residents of CLIMB, I became more acquainted with this special and unique organization. Fun fact: I discovered that Alexis is the founder's daughter and that Joanne and Janet have known Alexis for the majority of her life. CLIMB continues to be family owned and operated today. 

More than a place to live

CLIMB is organized into two main arms. CLIMB-Inc. is the residential arm, while CLIMB Transition Services is the day program arm. CLIMB offers personalized residential living options, where adults can live with peers in houses or independently in apartments. Individuals can receive as much or as little support as necessary to stay safe, healthy, and happy. While CLIMB is most known for its specialized support of visually impaired adults, adults with developmental disabilities can also apply. Most residents obtain residential support as consumers of the regional center in California. 

CLIMB Transition Services offer behavior support, vocational training, and mobility training. Daily activities are bespoke to each client with a focus on community integration and vocational training. While many residents of CLIMB participate in day programming, one does not need to be a resident to obtain these services. Most clients obtain this programming as consumers of the regional center in California.


My favorite part of the interview was getting to know Joanne and Janet (though, Alexis is awesome in her own right).  Joanne is a composer, is funny, and is a certified ham operator. Janet is vulnerable, honest, and sweet. These women inspire through their courage and vulnerability. Despite their disabilities, they were both engaged in leadership, had jobs, and helped others. Their encouragement to others with disabilities? Learn to accept criticism, figure out how to move on when faced with setbacks/challenges, try new things, and use your resources. Personally, I think that this is good advice...for all humans. 

If you want to find out more about CLIMB, see an insider's perspective of CLIMB, or just get the good feels, check out our interview. Thanks to Alexis, Joanne, and Janet for spending time with me!!!

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