The Top Stressors In Education with Jeff Snyder Autism Self-Advocate

first person interviews Nov 12, 2021

In this episode, I speak with Jeff Snyder, Autism Neurodiversity Self-Advocate and Public Speaker. Jeff shares what his top 3 stressors were during his educational career and practical strategies to manage these stressors. He hopes that this information will help bring awareness to the needs of autistic students and how to make education more accessible and comfortable for these students.

You can find out more about Jeff (and his awesome blogs) here

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We Are Brave Together and The Transformative Power of Support

In this episode, Jessica Patay, President and Founder of We Are Brave Together, a supportive community of moms of special needs children (of all ages), joins the show. She tells us why she started this organization, how it supports moms, and her first-hand experience of transformation when supported by human connection, especially when vulnerable. We also dip our toes into burnout and compassion fatigue and how special needs parents were hit hard during the pandemic.


To find out more about Jessica and We Are Brave Together, check this out

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Defining My Success From Therapy

In this episode, I welcome back David Sharif, Global Autism Advocate and Motivational Speaker. He generously shares with us his experience of the various therapies he received and how they have helped him find success today.


Want to get in touch David? Pick a method... Instagram: @david_thetraveler Facebook: YouTube: Pinterest: Email: [email protected] Phone: 310-739-1272

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What is a Special Needs Advocate and When Do You Need One?

interviews professional Oct 22, 2021

In this episode, Kristen Carmi, Special Education Advocate and BCBA, joins me in a conversation about the role of advocates in the lives of individuals on the autism and disability spectrum. We get into when an advocate is helpful, what the difference is between an advocate and an attorney, and what GREAT advocates do. As is usual fare with Kristen, she can't help but share delicious tidbits and gems about the law, the rights of students, the inevitable and human emotions that get triggered when we advocate for people we deeply love, and one question that can empower every parent in an IEP (at the end).

If you want to find out more about Kristen Carmi, click here

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The Developmental Process of Transitioning to Adulthood

In this episode, I have a conversation with Dr. Jared Schultz, Professor, and Chair of the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling at the Virginia Commonwealth University. We explore the importance of informed choice when helping an adolescent on the autism or disability spectrum transition to adulthood, when professionals can unintentionally derail person-centered planning, and the power of experience in self-driven motivation and empowerment. Jared is a wealth of information and his ability to share his expertise in a kind, clear, and relatable way is a true gift.

Find out more about Jared here

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Bully Perseverance with David Sharif, Global Autism Advocate

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2021

In this episode, I'm so excited to welcome David Sharif, Global Autism Advocate and Motivational Speaker. David helps me kick off National Bullying Prevention Month by honoring us with a conversation about Bully Perseverance and his personal experience with bullying. David empowers the audience with how he has positively managed his bullying experiences and offers hope to others on the Autism Spectrum.  


Want to learn more about David? There are so many ways! Website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest[email protected] and phone (310-739-1272)


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What is Theory of Mind? w/ Dr. Laurie Stephens

In this episode, I interview Dr. Laurie Stevens, the Senior Director of Autism Programming at The Help Group, a Licensed Psychologist in Private Practice, and one of my professional mentors. Laurie is well-known as a savvy, creative, and practical therapist, writing fun and effective curriculums that empower the lives of neurodiverse individuals. These days, Laurie is especially focused on the development of the theory of mind and how these skills work together to improve everyday functioning. We also touch upon the use of social autopsies, the importance of social repairs, and the greyscale of social functioning. I’ve had the honor of having so many of these conversations with Laurie over my professional career and I’m so excited to share one with you. It’s my hope that something you hear today will positively impact your life, even if in a small way. 


Email for Dr. Laurie - [email protected] 

About Dr. Laurie - ...

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Autism Goes to College with Erik Linthorst

In this episode, I interview Erik Linthorst, producer of acclaimed Autism Goes to College, a documentary that follows 5 autistic students throughout their college journey. We talk about the many options for placement and support in the college setting and how important it is to be able to see what college can look like for our neurodiverse population. Erik also shares that Autism Goes to College has a new podcast and will be launching an online resource center to help autistic adults make college a successful reality. As a bonus, Erik shares his top consideration for parents who are evaluating college placements for their autistic teens.   

To find out more about Autism Goes to College, click here

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Sexual Curiosity and Neurodiversity with Dr. Eileen Crehan and Dr. Jamie Barstein

In this episode, Dr. Jamie Barstein and I welcome Dr. Eileen Crehan from Tufts University. We discuss how to positively support sexual curiosity in our neurodiverse community and inevitably explore factors surrounding pornography and masturbation. I love that we can have a real conversation about sexual development, where we healthily disrupt social and societal norms and empower through good information. I hope that the information shared in this interview helps you navigate the complex waters of sexual development that are just right for you and your family.


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Promoting Inclusive Living for Disabled Adults with Julia Moluf from Best Buddies

In this episode, I interview Julia Moluf, Residential Manager at Best Buddies. I get an update on Best Buddies and what this infamous organization is up to these days. We do a deep dive into the Best Buddies Living Program and I learn about their living model and how it aims to promote the independence of disabled adults while keeping true to inclusion. Julia and I have a fun conversation about necessary mindsets to have when working in our community and discuss the importance of presuming competence and putting disabled adults front and center in their lives…which is exactly where they need to be.

To find out more about the Best Buddies Living Program, click here

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