What is Fusion Academy? An Interview with Danielle Ryckman

interview schools youtube Jul 22, 2020

Keep 'em comin'

So thrilled to be bringing another video to disABLED+Empowered with the incomparable...Danielle (Dani) Ryckman from Fusion Academy. In our interview, Dani talks about Fusion's customized relationship-based 1:1 learning model and her passion for creating lifelong learners. We explore the importance of embracing the whole student, spotlighting the importance of psychological safety in the risky business of learning, and the symbiotic and dynamic relationship between their teachers/mentors and students. This collaborative culture serves as a petri dish for self-efficacy, growth, and empowerment. 

"There is a place for you in the world and where maybe there's not a clear door, through advocacy, you can create one" --Dani Ryckman

Dani's message is clear, she cares about her students...deeply. She believes that they are the change we need in this world. If they can all learn the power of advocacy, they will be able to do anything they put...

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