What is an Educational Therapist? An Interview with Melody Valenzuela

Kids are underdogs

So thrilled to welcome Melody Valenzuela to the disABLED+Empowered family. Melody is a savvy educational therapist with the sharpness, wit, passion, and humor that is on fire . If you watch the interview, it won't take long to see why her clients and her professional colleagues adore her. 

We get into what an Educational Therapist (ET) is. Given the relative newness of this profession, spending some time here drove insight, highlighting the difference between an ET and a tutor (hint: ETs are like special ops on missions to uncover the "whys" vs. the "whats"). We also explore when seeking an ET is right and who's a good candidate for ET. 

Melody's view of kids as underdogs really helps to put the responsibility of teaching on the teacher vs. the learner. While this might sound like a massive, "duh," it's common for therapists, teachers, and tutors to become frustrated with kids who aren't learning "fast" enough. Melody's argument is that kids don't have...

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