The Importance of Mindfulness & Agency in Transition with Maureen & Josh White from Red Mountain


In this episode, I interview Maureen and Josh White, founders of Red Mountain, a premier young adult residential transition program that is grounded in mindfulness, empowerment, and person-centered experiential treatment. Maureen and Josh help me understand the 4 phases of their model, which aims to internalize positive change through practice and application while embracing human messiness. We also explore the importance of experience, noticing, contentment, and the power of disrupting behaviors that don’t serve our best living. I found an instant connection with this power couple and had to stop myself from having more fun with them. If Red Mountain reflects Maureen and Josh’s expertise, thoughtfulness, and compassion, it is a place like no other.

Find out more about Red Mountain Sedona here, Red Mountain Colorado here, and their awesome YouTube channel here


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