Really Rad Resources

Going old school here. When "cool" and "awesome" just aren't enough to describe these resources.

Activism and Advocacy

The AWAKE Project - a Facebook Community lead by the one-and-only Dr. Dana Waters, aimed at positively changing the world landscape for autistic adults. 

Medication Support

Medisafe App for Apple and Android - A great medication reminder app that helps with refills, alerts potential harmful drug interactions, and recruits family/friend help to stay on top of scheduling.

Mental Health

Cove for Apple - A really unique way to ground by visually making music to express mood. 

Money Management

Practical Money Skills - An awesome website that provides lesson plans and worksheets on financial education. They have 10 lessons created for neurodiverse students

Understanding Credit and Debt for Individuals with an Intellectual or Developmental Disability - A great resource to help people with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (IDDs) build their money management skills. 


Choiceworks App - a picture-based tool that helps children complete daily routines, understand and control their feelings, and improve decision making. 


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