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Post-Secondary Expert Panel

A virtual panel covering the transition from high school to post-secondary placement provided to families at the Fusion Warner Center. Four main areas were covered: Admissions, finances, alternatives to colleges, and considering diversity and inclusion in the college selection process. I specifically provided input regarding non-traditional paths after highschool. 

Fostering Autonomy and Resiliency in Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum

A virtual panel discussion led by Dr. Jessica Romeyn & Dr. Gwen Palafox. Event hosted by Meristem, Brightstone Transitions, Techie For Life, and Scenic View Academy. 

#BetterTogether: Supporting Each Other During COVID-19

Moderated peer support group for adults with autism to promote coping and resourcing. Event hosted by FAA.


Transition Assessments: Creating Sustainable & Joyful Blueprints for the Future

Annual California Association for Parent-Children Advocacy (CAPCA) Conference

10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Ease Your Adolescent into Adulthood

The Frostig School

Building Bridges: Working with LGBTQ+ Young People Across the Autism Spectrum

Autism Symposium


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