What is Theory of Mind? w/ Dr. Laurie Stephens

In this episode, I interview Dr. Laurie Stevens, the Senior Director of Autism Programming at The Help Group, a Licensed Psychologist in Private Practice, and one of my professional mentors. Laurie is well-known as a savvy, creative, and practical therapist, writing fun and effective curriculums that empower the lives of neurodiverse individuals. These days, Laurie is especially focused on the development of the theory of mind and how these skills work together to improve everyday functioning. We also touch upon the use of social autopsies, the importance of social repairs, and the greyscale of social functioning. I’ve had the honor of having so many of these conversations with Laurie over my professional career and I’m so excited to share one with you. It’s my hope that something you hear today will positively impact your life, even if in a small way. 


Email for Dr. Laurie - [email protected] 

About Dr. Laurie - https://www.thehelpgroup.org/administration/ 


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