Communication Challenges, Presuming Competence, and Supported Decision Making with Darlene Hanson

interviews professionals Mar 19, 2021

Everyone communicates, we just have to listen

In this episode, I interview Darlene Hanson, a seasoned speech and language therapist who has helped limited communicators find and use their voice for decades. Darlene helps us understand that everyone has something to say and we can understand them if we listen. This interview is jam-packed with mindsets that are critical for any ally or professional who supports neurodivergent or disabled individuals. From presuming competence, to the difference between unreliable vs. limited speech, to considering supported decision making as a replacement for conservatorship, Darlene's thoughts and words challenge current belief systems and are a call to action to change how we support individuals with communication challenges. Darlene is a beacon for this community, helping individuals who are often unseen and unheard find their voice and place in this world. Spending time with Darlene is always a joy and I always walk away with wanting to do better. She's a legend. 

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